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Many lives are lost daily in road traffic accidents in Nigeria, school pupils and college undergraduates that are the hopes of many parents have been killed prematurely. The list is endless and the pains are deeply unforgettable.  The socio economic costs of this avoidable waste are immense and priceless. Hopes of families have been shattered from the loss of their breadwinners. The pains of widowhood are always everlasting to many. Business empires have collapsed from the death of founder or leadership.

Current Situation

The  situation where practical tests are administered on learner drivers before they are issued drivers licenses are gone. People now obtain National Drivers’ Licenses without formal tests. Drivers in Nigeria, with Lagos having the highest percentage of estimated 26.4 % of the national figure:

lack proper training / skill acquisition
lack adequate knowledge of traffic rules and regulations.
are Road Sign illiterates
lack adequate knowledge of the Vehicle (Vehicle Illiteracy) 
do not understand simple owner manual requirements for vehicle maintenance.

Benefits of Setting up Driver Training Institute

  • Professionalizing the activities of  Drivers in the  State
  • Improved Driving Culture.
  • Reduced Road Traffic Accidents.
  • Reduction of Traffic jams / Congestion.
  • Reduced Road Rage
  • Improved Environmental Condition
  • Improved Health conditions and decrease in associated hospital  bills
  • Increase in foreign exchange through reduced capital flight
  • Improved Economic growth

The resultant effect of the above are:

  • Road Traffic Crashes
  • Traffic Jams / Congestions
  • Road Rage
  • Regular Brake Down of Vehicles on the Highways
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Health Hazards etc


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News & Events

LASDRI Holds Annual Train-The-Trainers' Workshop

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The event themed, "To Facilitate Quality (First-line   Full story





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Opinnion Poll

Which category of drivers behave best on the road ?

  • Old Men ( above 60 yrs) (25%)
  • Old Women (above 60 yrs) (13%)
  • Young Men(30 -45 yrs) (39%)
  • Young Women (30 - 45yrs) (13%)
  • Teens (18 - 30yrs) (10%)

Total Polls: 1551

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